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Jul 08

Ybox-- Noise Solution Expert

July 11, 2017

YBOX-- noise solution expert

At the "19th China Construction Expo", YBOX invited experts from the Academy of Sciences to answer the secrets of noise and acoustic.

Noise is an acoustic term for physics, as opposed to "tone". It refers to the sound produced by the irregular vibration of the object, that is,
the sound with a change in pitch and intensity, which sounds unharmonious.Such as the collision sound of the door,
the sound of the wind, the sound of the scraping glass, etc. are all noise.

Acoustic, first, environmental science terminology, an annoying sound, that is, the sound that interferes with people's rest, study,
and work. Such as the sound produced by industrial production, transportation, construction, etc.
The second is the terminology of communication technology. Refers to all interfering signals.

YBOX-- noise solution expert

YBOX has always been based on innovative, professional and focused sound insulation doors and windows.
Received national high-tech enterprises and obtained state financial support.

YBOX-- noise solution expert