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May 14

Ybox Soundproof Hotel Door

On the 25th to 25th of April 20th, 2019, the Hotel Plus Shanghai International Hotel Engineering Design and Supplies Expo, which focuses
on the construction and operation of hotel and commercial space, will once again set off a wave at the Shanghai New International
Expo Center.YBOX, which makes true soundproof wooden door products out of the lab, will naturally not be absent.

Ybox Soundproof Hotel Door

The usual seemingly ordinary construction process is also difficult under the "five-star" standard. It can be said that it is a great
challenge for hotel engineering management personnel to build a "high standard and strict requirements" hotel. I have a
deep understanding of this. The hotel will now introduce the requirements for sound insulation and specific construction
measures. I hope that everyone can have a general understanding of some of the requirements of the five-star hotel,
and prepare for the future preparation of the hotel.

Ybox Soundproof Hotel Door

First, acoustic design goals and standards

1.Reverberation time (time required for sound energy to attenuate 60dB at 500Hz)

Reverberation time is an indicator used to assess whether the sound absorption of interior decoration is suitable for optimal
speech intelligibility. A shorter reverberation time will result in better speech intelligibility.

Different rooms will have reverberation time (calculated in IF) that is compatible with their volume, and the number
of people can change the recommended reverb time by 20%.

Ybox Soundproof Hotel Door

2.Noise standards

According to the hotel's requirements, the maximum noise standard generated by the air conditioner under normal
operating conditions is provided, which is described using the (Noise Criteria, NC) standard. The room may not be
disturbed by external noise and may not exceed 5~8NC points of background noise. The higher the NC level
caused by the air conditioning system, the lower the sound insulation requirements of the partition wall.
This is due to the fact that the air conditioning sound provides a protective cover. Also due to
the open space, the room layout will affect the final result, and considering the high
noise level of the room itself,the room design is based on the NC30 standard.

3.Sound separation

The Sound Penetration Level (STC) is the result of a perfect test environment from the laboratory. The purpose of
the on-site sound penetration level (NIC) is to develop design specifications at the construction site.
The data from the laboratory tests was used as a preliminary design comparison.

Ybox Soundproof Hotel Door

Second, hotel building noise requirements and construction measures

1. Floor Sound Separation

Since the sound insulation performance of the slab depends on the quality of the concrete, the unit is kg/m2. The higher
the quality of the slab, the better the sound insulation performance. The room floor of Zhongshan Santai Hotel is a
concrete floor with a thickness of 120mm (standard surface weight is about 300kg/m2), plus surface cement
mortar cushion,which meets the sound insulation requirements between the rooms.

Based on the hotel design standards, the impact cushion rating of the room slab to the ceiling is 55, which is achievable
for general carpets. However, some hotel rooms have floor materials made of stone. If you step on the hard heel,
even if you thicken the floor, you can't prevent the impact noise from passing downstairs.
The method to control and reduce the impact noise is: add 10mm thick
The cushions are treated under the stone for shock absorption.

Ybox Soundproof Hotel Door

2. The sound insulation of the wall

The four-story gypsum board in the hotel rooms is designed between the superior hotel rooms, and the
soundproofing effect is "the sound of the TV in the adjacent room will be heard."

In the construction of hotel rooms, the use of gypsum board inlays for all sockets and wire boxes
will greatly affect the sound insulation.

Ybox Soundproof Hotel Door

3. Soundproof wooden door

For the door of the room, at least 55mm thick multi-layer composite soundproof wooden door should be used,
and the door frame multi-layer sealing strip and the bottom door sound-insulating sealing bottom strip
should be used to achieve the sound insulation effect of STC38.

Ybox Soundproof Hotel Door

As one of the five-star hotel acceptance criteria stipulates that the hotel must have an appropriate number of disabled or other
special guest rooms, and the disabled room must have a suite for the person who cares for him, and the usage rate of this
part of the room is Very low, so the hotel design is to set up a connecting door in the wall of two ordinary rooms.
When there is a special person to check in, the connecting door is opened, and it is usually used as two
common standard rooms. The partition wall with the door installed
usually reduces the sound insulation of the partition wall because the door is not soundproofed. Therefore,
a wall with one door or more can't actually meet the design standards.

Ybox Soundproof Hotel Door