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Dec 18

Ybox Won "National High-tech Enterprise"

Congratulations On Our Company's Honorary Title of "National High-tech Enterprise".

December 2018

Ybox Won "National High-tech Enterprise"

Guangzhou Hesheng Sound Insulation Technology Co., Ltd. won the national“High-tech Enterprise Certificate”in December 2018.
The acquisition of the "High-tech Enterprise Certificate" is not only an honor but also a responsibility. We will give full
play to the advantages and exemplary role of high-tech enterprises and continue to build leading and
outstanding products to give back to customers.

The selection and determination of high-tech enterprises aims to establish a benchmark for high-tech enterprises and play a leading role.
The selection criteria and its rigorous conditions, this time to win the award, is a high recognition and encouragement of YBOX research
and development capabilities, innovation capabilities, research results transformation capabilities, management capabilities.

The certification of high-tech enterprises also marks the high-tech organization and management level, the ability to transform scientific
research results, and the products independently researched and produced by the national science and technology department,
and is at the forefront of domestic counterparts.

YBOX is currently in a stage of rapid development. With the help of tax incentives, the company can better respond to the call for national
independent innovation, increase R&D investment, reserve more technical strength, and actively carry out more technological innovation.